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Acme-Best.Info : Online Resources On Vegetarianism & Living A Vegetarian Lifestyle That Is Balanced, Well-Rounded, Healthy & Happy. Living On Meatless Diets Is Not Difficult Because Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, etc. Is More Safe & Can Be Equally Nutritious & Delicious. :)
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Welcome :)
Welcome To The ACME-BEST.INFO Website, One Stop Online Resources Centre, Blog And Portal On VEGETARIANISM And Living A Healthy & Happy VEGEtarian Lifestyle.

In the 21st (twenty first) century today, vegetarianism is so common that there are basically many vegetarians around us, wherever we go in this world. From the USA to Europe to Asia, the greater awareness about vegetarianism has made it much more easily understood, appreciated and embraced.

Afterall, vegetarianism is more than about not eating meat or animal by-products. Vegetarianism is also about healthy diets and healthy lifestyles too.


People choose to become "full" vegetarians or "semi" vegetarians for all sorts of reasons. Previously, most people became a vegetarian because of religious reasons or out of necessity due to poverty or the scarcity of meats and fish in the living environment.

Today, people choose vegetarian lifestyles for many varied reasons:
  • Physical Reasons: Due to Health Reasons Because Of Being Sick or Simply To Be Healthy.
  • Mental:
  • Emotional:
  • Moral & Ethical Reasons: To Avoid Causing Pains & Sufferings To Other Animals & Living Things
  • Social & Environmental Reasons: In Support Of A Cause Such As To Protect The Environment or The Lifestyle Of A Particular Group Of People
  • Spiritual Reasons: Due to Their Religion or Belief (religious reasons)
  • Financial & Economical Reasons: Inability To Afford Meats, Animal By-Products and/or Fish
  • Logistical Reasons: Meats and/or Fish Not Available In The Local Environment and It Is Not Feasible To Bring Them From Elsewhere

Yes, there are so many reasons why people choose not to eat meat or to live on a meatless diet. Other than the fact that people might choose to eat only vegetable, fruits and beans for health reasons, there are also many people who choose not to eat any meat or animal by-product simply for the reason that they feel it is not right to do so.

Many people also choose to abstain from meats or fish because of the serious pollutions of our environment (air and water) and the direct adverse effect it has on our livestocks and animals. The amount of chemical used to breed the livestocks have greatly contributed to this problem as well. Eating meat indirectly means eating contaminated food and harmful chemicals & substances.

Many people have been known to become not just healthier, but happier too, when they cut down on meats, fish, animal by-products, onions, garlics, etc.


As people become more and more well-informed and aware of the need for healthier and safer foods, vegetarianism is a very good alternative. Healthy. Convenient. Economical. Safe.

Vegetarian diets have been called "energy diet", "power diet", "stamina diet", "nutritious diet", "beauty diet", "diet of love", etc. simply because it is a win/win kind of diet. At the end of the day, more people are healthy and happy when we embark on vegetarian diets.

Cut down on meats, fish and/or animal by-products and experience for yourself the difference. Start out on a "semi" vegetarian lifestyle and see the healthier and happier and more peaceful you.

Thank you for dropping by. We hope you have found the information you are looking for. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us. Thank you.

best regards,
About VEGETARIANISM & A Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle Website, One-Stop Resources Centre, Blog & Portal

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